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Zyn is a music project I created in 2009.
What I wanted to come out of me was something Gothic and surreal. What actually came out of me was an experimental wtf, mixed with a lot of majik and sarcasm.
I think some of it was curiosity, a lot of things I needed to express that digital art wasn't doing for me, and an unhealthy dose of "everybody else is doing it, so why can't 'I'?" (R.I.P. Delores)
Bottom line is yeah, everybody else was doing it, with experience and with help from experienced people. But, eh. I'm a do-it-yourselfer.

All of my stuff was nicely organized and easily downloadable and "safe" over on iCompositions for years, but then 2 years ago...iComp retired.
So, here we are.

A lot of this music is free for you to download, however, it must remain "personal use". Credits are inside of the album folders.

Transcendental Aeonic Majik

ZYN transcendtal aeonic majik album cover
My first album was entitled "Transcendental Aeonic Majik", and although I do have a few people who really like the album...and oh, how I love them so for it...
let's just say that it was a first try, and I wasn't very pleased with the outcome. I used a lot of samples and clips from Looperman and The Freesound Project, read poetry and hummed through a lot of it, my kids helped with voice overs,
but I didn't know much about the overall production, and it shows. But it's ok. Live and learn. It was part of an artistic therapy, when you feel sick, you can't
really explain what the hell is going on, and end up vomiting your feelings all over everything in the form of artistic expression.
I'm just glad it wasn't contagious, because that proceeded to go on for a while.

I had a lot to say. A lot of different things that didn't come across to well in an overall "theme", predominantly because I don't think I had a steadfast theme. It was basically what I was thinking and feeling about randomly at the time...and I was at a very big thresh-hold
to the most powerful transition in my life thus far...and didn't know it at the time.
I was hurt, because our home was caught up in that housing crisis the year before. I and my family had moved to a place, albeit beautiful, seven hundred miles away.
I was involved with a bit of a questionable magical order at the time and things were changing super fast, including myself. At 37, I was going through peri-menopause
and stress induced anxiety that came in waves that was just unforgiving.




ZYN-NEXXUS album cover
My second album, Nexxus, made it's peace with the fact that mama had no fucking clue how to produce an album. "Experimental" had become my code word for "be kind, please it sucks", or "I'm learning".
It was a little bit better, and had a bit more of that "theme" we were discussing earlier, only the theme was a bit more majikal, as I was trying to put to music the experiences I had been having.




Dragon makes me very happy. I created it as a ritual cd; something people could use as a backdrop for their majik and/or meditation.
There were more songs, but I can't seem to locate them right now.
P.S. "X" is pretty disturbing.
P.S.S. That's Jason on the cover. *sigh*. He takes my breath away...every...damn...time.



The Haunted

ZYN The Haunted album cover
The Haunted is an album of ghosts, obviously. It's another meditation cd, however you could play it at your backyard haunt or Halloween party and most likely scare the crap out of people. :P



ZYN Isa flyer
the flyer displaying the album art for it,
before I realized it would never
be an entire "album". 2016.

Isa, is one long song. Just one: "Lair of the Ice King"; a dedication of love to my soulmate, Jason. <3
It was going to be an album, but after this, I just kind of gave up on the idea of any other songs to be comparable to the feelings I expressed in this one.


The Silver Key

The Silver Key wasn't on any album. It was me trying my hand at creating a song inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's story, The Silver Key.
The sound is a bit distorted, but fuck it...it's Lovecraft. Know what I mean? :D


Project Archangel

Jason (Mizdimma DeSade) and I collaborated on another music project off and on called "Project Archangel". We made a few songs, but never put an entire album together.
It was just like "hey, let's make a song", and we did. They were seductively playful, and for the most part, full of encrypted personal innuendos...kind of like whispering secrets,
or using terms only we understand, like this one, entitled "The Honey Thief".


Other random musings...

The Black Circle (unfinished)

The Black Circle is kind of where I left off, back in...I don't even remember at the moment.
It needs a lot of work. I created these videos to showcase an idea for a few people I was working with in another band, The Black Forest Conspiracy;
but after Sean's death, we didn't go a whole lot of anywhere.

One day, maybe?

For Per

Zyn future?
I haven't given up making music. I'm sure there are a few out there that would tell me not to quit my day job, lol, but it's something that I like doing.
I'm just focused on other things right now, like writing my books and getting 12 years of content organized and accessible on the websites.
12 years. Jeez, that does sound like a long time. I guess on one hand, it has been; On another, not so much.
I have to find all of the music in my files. They're all here...some where. I did have them all neatly placed on my desktop until recently, when I had to do a full system restore.
Thankfully, most of my work was backed up on my external drive.
I haven't ruled out that that music isn't on the external, but so far, I can't go in there without a flashlight and a rope. As soon as I locate them, I'll put them up for download.

The Legal Stuff

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